please meet our staff


Founder/President — Mr. Rodney L. Bollie

Though we may not know the best model or process for reforming the Liberian primary educational system, however our organization's STEM program is an attempt at researching a teaching model that works. A great model should INTEGRATE the student's learning style and culture. I have over a decade's worth of experience as telecommunications engineer and research professional. Teaching stints as a STEM mentor, robotics and computer programming mentor, etc. I am very passionate about empowering the next generation of high school students in the field of STEM education at ABSOLUTELY no cost. Hope you will join us! Email Me —


Co-Founder/Director — Dr. Sylvia G. Bollie

I am very excited to work along with my husband and staff to see this program model developed and eventually scaled. We NEED more girls in the STEM fields!I am currently a practicing physician and I hold degrees in Biology and Doctor of Medicine.Email me —


General Manager — Mr. Bollay W. Gibson

I am very excited to be a part of this program at its inception and I anticipate the possibilities that will evolve.I am a graduate of the University of Liberia school of Agriculture. I am also a certified teacher from the LICOSESS Mobile Teacher Training College. In addition to managing the daily operations of the facility, programs and staff, I also double as the interim instructor responsible for advising and mentoring students in both the computer and Chemistry labs. Email me —


Administrative Assistant — Mrs. Bola O. Kamara

I run the front desk and I'm responsible for making our guests feel welcome. In addition to my numerous responsibilities, I also make sure we are stocked up on supplies and making sure our mentors have what they need to keep empowering our mentees. Email me —

John Freeman

Computer Lab Mentor — Mr. John Freeman

I hold a diploma in computer science as well as a certificate in desktop publishing. Watching some of these students interact with their first computer remains an invaluable experience. Email me —


Integrative Teaching Module/Biology Mentor — Mrs. Leona Cegbe-Toe

In my role at the Institute, I provide guidance to students during their investigative analysis in the biology lab. In addition, I am researching new models and techniques to optimize learning in the classroom. Email me —


Facility Engineer — Mr. G. Amos Kwi

I take pride in keeping our offices and the grounds splendid and stunningly welcoming to ALL. Personally the benefit of working here is an opportunity improve my academic chances when work is slow. Having never gone beyond high school because of the war and consequently living in poverty, I hope to take advantage of this opportunity. Email me —

Uriah Innis

Mathematics — Mr. Uriah R. D. Innis

Bsc Degree in Geology from the University of Liberia (Dec. 11, 2019), Junior Student of the Bishop John Collins Teacher's College of the Stella Maris Polytechnic University As Mathematics Mentor, I help students comprehend and appreciate the essence of Mathematics and apply it to real -life situations.


Transportation & Logistics Supervisor — Mr. Edward Yapay, Jr.

I study at the Lincoln College of Professional Studies department of Public Administration


Literacy Coordinator — Mr. Melvin Kallon

I am excited working in the program where I can envision myself as an integral part of the IBT team in giving back to society. I am a student of the United Methodist University, reading Economics and Procurement/Supply Chain management. As a Literacy coordinator, my job is to provide extra learning activities to our mentees to enable them understand the important of giving back to society; as well as making positive decisions for life. I also supervised the book club at the Tim Krecke reading center, where our mentees meet during weekend to read and analyze a full play.