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Back to school fundraiser

Last academic year we served close to 600 hundred students, provided bus rides, free snacks, hands on STEM mentorship,etc. We celebrated with many of the graduating seniors who passed the West African regional exams! A Big Deal! Digital multi meter a couple of weeks, we looking forward to the new challenges. Please help us reach our goal: 1. $330 per month to provide snacks on a daily basis 2. $185 to cover cost of toiletries for the year 3. We are interested in donated items for high school Physics Lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab Please make donations. Ship Items to Institute of Basic Technology 8705 Suite 103 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD 20910.

IBT Building
Lunch time after practical labs
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Last month we lost a son, a brother, a friend, a passionate Michigan fan and an educator. Tim spent years teaching English in Vietnam and also served as an ESL teacher educating immigrants in Northern Virginia. The Institute of Basic Technology is honored to be a beneficiary of his legacy. All donations will go towards updating and naming our reading center The Tim Krecke Literacy Center. This literacy center will continue to honor his memory helping hundreds of students improve their writing and reading comprehension.

St. Mark Pc Lab


This is a 2 year partnership program with St Mark school as we try out our new STEM teaching model. Our goal is to measure the impact of our program on students graduation rate, probability of going to college or being assimilated into the work force. This partnership was begun a little over a year ago to provide educational sponsorship, mentorship. To this end,we renovated and opened the school's first ever computer lab. We are now looking to expand this lab, introduce a STEM program as well as continue to actively participate in mentoring and training of student and staff. Update — 32 members of the senior class successfully completed the West African Examination Council exams and graduated from high school. Because of the increase demand in our program, we moved out of the school's facilities to a much larger space where we can render similar services to additional schools